RightSense Solutions & Services

We at RightSense understand that every customer, every business problem, and every solution is unique. That’s why we help organizations identify the root cause of a problem whether this be related to people, process or technology and then to define and deliver optimal solutions considering culture, cost and capability.

Implementation partner with leading technology companies such as PTC-ThingWorx and many more startups. With offices in the fast growing economies in India and UK we bring the latest innovations to our clients.


Smart Factory Solutions

Smart Shop Floor – Machine monitoring system gives you 24/7 visibility into your shop floor, improves your OEE and profitability dramatically.

Smart Inventory Management -Real time access on inventory status to sales team for better planning and order commitment.

Production Adviser – Production Adviser enables real-time visibility into line and machine status and performance so Plant Managers can get actionable insight into KPIs: availability, quality, and OEE

Remote visual Inspection – It allows for the examination of most plant systems and components without requiring confined space entry or disassembly. It can therefore be considerably less expensive than other methods. it’s is also far safer than traditional methods of inspection that involve sending inspectors into unsafe conditions

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Smart Agri Solutions

Paddy & Rice Quality Determine quality based on image processing

Smart Solar Plant Monitoring Captures data from Individual Inverters, Energy Meter, Weather Station etc and Monitors various parameters i.e. Energy Generation, Temperature.

Smart Pricing App for Farmer Provide visibility of the buying prices to Farmer. Track any negotiation and finalize the procurement lead.

Manage commodity export Transaction – Use Blockchain technology to track the trade between two counterparties thereby reducing the bank fees involved in transaction.

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Early Stage Funding

We are committed to develop the Eco System partnering with like minded solution providers,to build next generation solutions to improve human life’s.RightSense will seed fund early stage startups from T2 & T3 cities,who are developing cutting edge technology solutions in AgriTech and Industry 4.x space.
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Why RightSense?

We offer industry 4.x consulting and develop solutions that create safer, efficient and productive environments for our customers in partnership with startups. Thus enabling early stage startups to grow along with the ecosystem

We streamline the engagement process between start-ups and customers providing strategic consulting with the overall goal of maximizing value exchanged, minimizing time, costs and risk.

Together as a partner, RightSensian’s mission is to deliver high performance, low power and cost-effective solutions to our customers in industrial, agriculture, water and energy sectors.